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Trouble Free Pool is run by a dedicated group of volunteers that have expert levels of knowledge in many areas of pool care. From how to care for your current pool to helping you build a new pool and everything in between, TFP will be able to assist you. Fueled by our commitment to excellence, we go the extra mile to make sure our members are completely satisfied with our services.  TFP is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit who displays NO advertising on our site nor is our advice compromised by financial incentives. We use donations from our users to pay for our servers and to continue to develop pool care. We ask that you please review the donations levels below and help support

How does TFP use these donations?

Web Servers

We rely on your support for our independence, diversity and quality. Your donations pay for the servers and other technical items used behind the scenes to keep the website running.

YouTube Videos

Our newest venture is to produce YouTube videos to help our new users learn how to care for their pools. Video's are a great opportunity for us to reach more users, and your funds help us write and animate these new videos.

Website Content

Unlike some publications, our content does not hide behind a paywall. Your donations helps us write and edit for us to help teach all aspects of Pool Care.

Help Us Learn

Lastly, TFP uses your funds from time to time to help us learn more about Pool Care. We too are students. From face to face meetings to test supplies, your donations helps us learn more, so we in return can teach you better.

Gold Supporter

Becoming a TFP Gold Supporter will get you the most for your donations. For a $100 donation Supporters will get $30 off any item at TfTestKits, $25 off any $100 purchase at INYOPools, their choice of ANY item from the TFP Store.

Silver Supporter

For a $50 donation TFP Silver members receive $20 off of the TF-100 test kit from TfTestKits, $15 off any $100 purchase at INYOPools, and much much more. 

Bronze Supporter

For a $30 donation TFP Bronze members receive $10 off of the TF-100 test kit from , $10 off any $100 purchase at, and more.

All TFP Supporters also receive the following perks

How else can I help?

Amazon Smile

TFP also participates in Amazon Smile where we recieve a small portion of your purchases.  To select TFP as your Non-Profit please follow the link below.

Recurring Donations

Users who wish to setup reoccurring donations or donation other dollar amounts can do so by clicking on the link below.

Any Amount

Users may wish to donate more or less than the levels above. To make a one time, any amount donation please visit here.