Defeating pool algae Before it Starts

Fighting off pool algae can often be difficult once it starts to develop  in your pool. One of the best ways to manage the overall health of your pool is by working to prevent algae from forming in the first place. Simply maintain sufficient  chlorine levels (or FC) in your pool at all times to make sure that algae will not form. Chemicals like algaecides or pool shock can grow expensive over time and are unnecessary. Once your pool starts to form a green film inside of it, clearing a green pool can be time …
Pool Equipment

Maintenance and Cleaning of Pool Filters

While most people know that a filter is a key component of a swimming pool’s filtration system, quite a few do not realize that the filter needs to be cleaned periodically to insure proper equipment performance and cleanliness of the pool water. This article will discuss why maintenance cleaning is a good idea, then tell how to clean each of the 3 types of filters; cartridge (or cart), sand and finally both types of the Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filters.