Gas Logs Conundrum


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
So Skippy and I have a set of RHPeterson 30" G-19 gas logs with this remote control starter (Mertix Maxitrol. Cost a fortune and yet has broken down twice in 4 years. Sort of lousy warranty from RHPeterson IMO. Replaced the control box once already last year.
Something goofy about getting the remote to light and maintain the pilot light. We can light the pilot manually yet it won't maintain or light the burners when you return it to automatic (there are two settings- manual and auto).
Two different licensed installers have looked at it.

Any ideas??

Maddie :flower:
take the pilot tubing apart and blow out the holes with compressed air, can even try doing it in place - just "fixed" a ventless heater with a can of computer air that way. it was driving me crazy, pilot kept going out and shutting the whole system down. found a you tube vid and that was the ticket. even if you cant see it just a small bit of dust can block the air flow/safety system.
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