Green After mps shock (copper?)


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May 30, 2020
Bothell, WA
I have a brand new (about a week old) Bullfrog R6L. Currently running an @ease cartridge system. The spa is well balanced (or at least appears so to me) as tested with k2005:


I have not tested the FC level as my understanding with the @ease system this is of limited value, but i'd be happy to get that number if someone needs it.

After some really heavy use over the last few days (kids in and out once or twice, plus some 2-3 hour soaks by the wife any myself) the water was looking a little sad (cloudy, no discoloration otherwise), so i went through with an MPS shock (spaguard non-chlorine spa shock-oxidizer). waited 24 hours, re-tested balance, was still a touch cloudy so made the judgement call to re-shock. Now the water has a very slight, but noticeable to the neurotic first-time spa owner green tint, but no cloudiness. After some research it appears that this is pretty classic copper reaction, especially with a mineral system like the frog @ease.

My question is this, should i worry about the very slight green tint? Will it dissipate on its own as the shock dissipates? Should I have done something different?

I will likely not continue with the @ease system after the initial "free" supply has been depleted but i'd like to make it work for now if possible.



May 17, 2020
I am a 'newbie' as well having owned a new tub for about two months. I use the SpaGuard Oxy MPS shock, weekly, a Nature2 mineral stick, with SpaGuard brominating tablets and concentrate for daily maintenance. My experience with the MPS shock has been hit and miss. When I add it I get a cloudy water and a lingering floating layer of thin bubbles that don't seem to work themselves out until a couple of days. I have not used the Frog @Ease system, simply because I'm a control freak and wanted to have more specific controls as I work through a variety of chemicals to find the right mix for us. I almost purchased the Frog bromine system and essentially I'm doing the same thing but I am in a bit more control.

The green tint hasn't hit me, but I get a variety of cloudy, blue, and sparklingly clear water. The only time I've had a green tint is when I added some aromatherapy crystals and eventually it went away. It looked kind of like a natural mineral spa, so we didn't mind it. So far I think the Nature2 mineral stick is helpful, but honestly I haven't visually seen or testing any kind of difference. Maybe after it is work through I'll run without it for a while.

Sorry to tell you the details of my story, but I thought that it might be useful to compare notes. Good luck and keep us informed!


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Apr 4, 2007
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Metals don’t go away unless you replace the water. Generally they will eventually deposit on surfaces and discolor them. Your issue seems pretty fast to be problems with copper already. Any chance you have iron in your water? It produces a yellow color which can appear green with the right finish and lighting.


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May 30, 2020
Bothell, WA
I'm using municipal water, but I have not tested for iron. Would it be worth having it tested or should I just refill with a hose filter?

edit: Probably also worth noting i have not really done a proper clean or purge, and this is a brand new tub. Would it be inadvisable to use the tub as-is for a few weeks, give it a good cleaning (ahhsome, filter clean, etc) and re-fill with a hose filter?
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