Jacuzzi Hot Tub Dilemma


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Jun 1, 2020
Edmond, Ok
Hello all: I have a 17-year old, indoor Jacuzzi Epree Series whirlpool bath and paid a plumber $137..00 last Friday to learn that 2 jets are leaking, but due to the configuration, will require replacement of 5 jets. Not being a Jacuzzi specialist, he estimated the labor at just over $900.00. He has now informed me today that he is having trouble getting the parts from Jacuzzi and recommended that I might consider replacement instead of repair, admitting that his company will have to mark them up $120.00 apiece. What should I do? Don't know if I will get my $137.00 back, but am wondering what would be the best course? Is replacement installation cost less than installation from scratch, say in a new house? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
It's a bathtub. Access is always the issue with these. I am not sure if they plan to remove it to repair, probably not since he has to replace 5 to repair 2. Removal may not be a viable option depending on installation circumstances, such as tile walls, marble enclosures, etc... Add in out of production jets and it becomes a problem they probably don't want to deal with, hence the ridiculous markup. It will likely take 2 men to do the job so high labor estimate with some cushion in case there are problems. And service/repair plumbers cost the company alot more than new construction guys who drive their own vehicles to the jobsite where materials have been delivered and there is a full day of work. So a cost comparison is not as clear-cut as it might seem. With a total estimate of $1500 plus costs between the part markup and labor, you may be getting close to the cost of a new unit. It would be a better long-term investment to go with a new tub, as the other jets could be days away from leaking themselves. There may even be more leaking now that they cannot access to see. I myself will only sevice bathtub equipment, (pumps, controls) and will walk away from a jet leak repair without even giving an estimate, though I don't charge $137 to do so.
Not sure if this helps, but it's what I've got to offer.
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