Jet flow rate adjustment note quite right


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Jun 26, 2013
Hey there,

Wondering if someone can shed some light on this issue.

Not sure which is which but I have a spill over hot tub/spa (the one that is built into a pool) where the water flow coming out of the jets are kind of weak'ish. But the main "escape" valve is very strong. Is there any way of adjusting the flow so that there is more power to the jets?

My spa/hot tub is surounded by stone so I can't really get access to the underside.


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
Make sure filter is clean. It appears (if I understand you correctly) that the jets are on the filtered line and the overflow is the non-filtered (black pump). This is the opposite of most pool/ spa overflow systems that I have seen.
The jets are individually adjustable at the jet by turning them. They often get stuck over time so may need a little umpf. The jet on the steps is not adjustable. I am pretty sure they make an adjustable nozzle for that jet. I suspect it is the overflow feature jet. Is that what you referred to as the "escape valve"?
By fountain, do you mean the overflow feature or something not related to the spa?
The knobs on the top edge are air controls and will make the jets feel stronger when opened but also aerate and raise ph so keep them closed when not in use.
It appears that you have a jandy check valve on a return line (black with clear cap). Check that this is opening properly.
Check the jandy valve on the return line (by the wall) and verify that it is opening completely.
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