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May 27, 2014
Maybe I missed it, but I've never noticed getting an email before that's organized like a news letter with a couple of linked articles/videos. Keep this up; it's fantastic! I thought the Youtube video describing the cornerstone of TFP methodologies in very simple terms; relating minimum recommended FC to a pool CYA level was perfectly done!

One of my only criticisms of TFP communications has always been the downplaying of the difference between TFP and traditional as it relates to sanitation methodology. This one, big difference in pool prescription, in my opinion, is why no one should follow traditional methods and that everyone who uses chlorine for pools and spas should follow only TFP methodologies for testing and chlorine management at a minimum.
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Jul 21, 2011
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This last email scared the snot out of me when I hit send. I say that as I had just sent one a week before, so sending a second this quick is something we had never done before. Because of all the hype around the virus however I felt it warranted a second email to push out info related to swimming pools that our users may find beneficial. But as I hit send I fully expected some complaining and large “unsubscribe” results.

I was totally wrong. ?
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