Nest Protect (smoke alarm) out of warranty replacement


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Oct 20, 2017
South-Central WI
The house we just bought had 4 Nest Protects (smoke + CO alarms) already installed. They are the battery operated kind. I've tested the one in the kitchen on accident, and they sure seem like they are nice. Rather than a piecing alarm immediately when you burn something on the stove, you get a chime "Heads up: There's smoke in the kitchen. The alarm may sound. The alarm is loud." You can either then hit the button on the detector or if that's out of easy reach, like mine is, pull out your phone and cancel the pending alarm (so long as it doesn't reach emergency levels of smoke).

Anyway, I got them all reset and on our Wifi immediately, but the upstairs one by the bedrooms refused to connect to Wifi, and only sounding with the rest of them during tests before I did a reset of the detectors, after which it didn't sound with them anymore. I did the online support chat, and after a few minutes she said "We don't want our customers to have issues like this. I will send you a new one. How does that sound?" Given how I didn't even buy these, and they are 5 years old, that sounded great! The replacement arrives today, and I have a pre-paid label waiting to send the old one back to them in the same box the replacement comes in.

Anyway, just figured I'd share if anyone else was considering these. If the new one works fine and I continue to have no additional issues, and Nest support is this great, I don't think I'll have any qualms about buying additional Protects for say, our bedrooms, or other Nest products in general if they are what I'm looking for.

This was much better than some of the neutral to negative support I had trying to get other brand' smart home products that where left with the house transferred to me (the previous owners tried a few different smart things but didn't lock in a specific brand, so it's a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff).


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Feb 19, 2019
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I bought my house a couple of years ago and it came with a few of those. I did the same thing and immediately reset/connected them to my network. Love them. Have cooked lots of bacon in the house with lots of smoke and no piercing alarm sounds. I have no complaints about them and I still have 2 "old school" smoke detectors in the place that I really would like to swap over to the Nest ones.
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