No power to Aqua Rite Chlorine Generator


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Aug 14, 2015
I noticed my chlorine level is low so I looked at the panel on my Aqua Rite Salt Water Chlorine Generator and the power was off, which I have never seen. I turned the breaker off and on again, and the power came back on - for a few seconds, then turned off again. I tried it a 2nd time and the same thing happened. The pool pump is on and everything seems to be operating normally except for the Salt Water Chlorine Generator. I looked at the cell and it's clean. I'm not sure if I need an electrician or a pool equipment repair person, or what to try. Until it's fixed I can manually add chlorine - I have shock now.


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Jul 8, 2015
Pop that panel off by removing the two screws.. then take a good pic of the board and electronics inside. We'll see what we can see.

edit: I was just going to call you Allen and James in!


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Mar 2, 2011
Since you still have the display, the problem is probably a bad thermistor.

Move the switch to off and check the voltage. It should be 30 to 32 and steady.

Move the switch to Auto and recheck the voltage. It should be between 24 and 28 and steady.

If the voltage is below these readings or fluctuating, it's probably a bad thermistor.

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