No power to spa control, Please help.


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May 25, 2020
Placerville, Ca.
My spa was working fine. Wife could not turn the temp down when she exited the other night. next morning I went out to it and there was nothing on the digital display. Checked breaker, checked connections, got out the volt meter.... seems that there is power going to the smartouch 1000. is there a reset button? do I need to take more panels off and check motor for power? Not real good with electrical issues.... If it was wood, I COULD FIX IT!


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Mar 21, 2020
Cabool, Mo
Placerville, huh? I lived in Tahoe and Gardnerville for almost 4 years. Beautiful country. I miss driving around the lake everyday for work.
Can you open it up and post a pic of the equipment area, topside control (buttons) and remove the cover off of the control box and post a pic of the circuit board as well?
Turn off the breaker. On the circuit board, at the top just left of center is a small fuse. Beneath it is a relay, and beneath that is another small fuse. Check these two fuses.
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