PoolMath iOS App Log Closes


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Apr 23, 2018
I noticed today that if the PoolMath iOS app loses focus it will close an open log and discard all values. This happens if either the screen is turned off or if you switch to another app/go to the home screen. Seems to happen with all types of logs (notes, expense, test results, etc.) I am on an iPhone 11, iOS version 13.5, app version 333 (3440). Let me know if any other info is needed! Thanks!


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Jun 21, 2016
Leamington, Ontario, Canada
This is likely due to the app being killed by your phone once it goes into the background. Most phones keep apps in memory from most recently to least recently used and will kill as many non-current apps as necessary to free up memory. It sounds like Pool Math is being killed by the operating system when you switch to some other app. Most of the time on modern phones this isn't a big issue as devices have more memory these days. On my iPhone 11 Pro I can switch to a good 5-6 different apps before coming back to Pool Math and my test results screen is still there with the values I had started entering.

In any case, there are workarounds for this, so I'll add an item to the backlog to investigate persisting the log data when the app is being closed by the operating system and detecting it when it comes back up. This may not make it into a release for some time though as there's a few other higher priority items to address first.

Thanks for reporting this!
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