Quick Reference Card Share - K-2006C - Bromine Spa


May 17, 2020
I spent some time making some modifications to the quick reference card for the Taylor K-2006C testing kit. There was a previous card that fit nicely into the lid, but it had a variety of things that were not of importance to me as a bromine tub user. I created a version that was adjusted to have larger text (for old eyes), a removal of CYA testing, some target levels to achieve a 0.0 saturation index and a reference for a tub also having mineral sanitation.

I ended up laminating it with a 1/4 inch laminate border around for a perfect replacement fit in the case.

I hope it is useful to others with the same testing kit and a bromine tub...enjoy!


  • Taylor Testing Instruction Sheet - Bromine Tub - K-2006C.pdf
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