Raccoon Feces In Pool


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Aug 25, 2019
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In general, predatory land animals won't foul their water. I have never heard of coons pooping in the water they use for washing. Predators just don't do that.
Actually, raccoons pooping in pools is very common. Raccoons love water and choose to live near water bodies. They wash their hands and food in water, and they are like cats in that they want to hide their feces; instead of burying their feces, they poop in water. In-ground pool owners who share their property with raccoons (like me) are very familiar with raccoon poop in the pool. It’s usually in the shallow area, on the first step.

I tried a motion-activated sprinkler that was billed as the be-all and end-all to raccoons pooping in the pool. It worked for a short time, until they got used to it and went right back to pooping in the pool. My next-door neighbor bought a wood lattice fence section and drilled screws through each intersection and put it with the screws pointing up over the pool steps; they tip-toed around the screws and pooped through the holes.

In short, the only way to fix the problem is to trap and relocate the raccoons. In my case, that’s a sisyphean task, because raccoons are endemic in my area. If I removed one, there would be plenty of others who would continue to torture me. And poop in my pool.

I make sure my pump doesn’t turn on until late morning so I have time to check for poop before the pump action disperses the feces. I use a shop vac to quickly suck up the poop (and a fair amount of water) from the step, then dump a 2.5 gal container of liquid chlorine at the location of the poop. I let it sit for a bit, then run the filter for 24 hours. I then clean the cartridge and, assuming the chlorine is down to safe levels, enjoy the pool.

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