Testing the amount of urine in pools and spas


Nov 24, 2019
sydney australia

Interesting video from the very clever Mark Rober. No doubt there are some holes in the observations made in this clip, but there was certainly some good information and links to the scientific papers published by the university of Alberta on the study.

None of this information had any practical application for me, but I found it interesting none the less.
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May 23, 2015
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I had seen this video a long time ago. While his video is cute, it’s not very rigorous and the assumptions used are a bit of a stretch. I would agree though that public pools probably have the levels of urine in them that he works out. One of the many reasons I hate public pools. Residential pools are a different thing. Most are almost exclusively used by a single family and most people I know are good about not peeing in a pool. My kids do not pee in the pool at all.

I like his “porch-pirate” revenge videos much better .... his use of fart spray and glitter is nothing short of genius.
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