Thank you, but good bye.


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Apr 15, 2007
West Michigan
Years ago I found some fantastic people who were willing to share their knowledge of keeping my tiny Intex pool clean and clear. When I graduated up to bigger 28foot ABG Doughboy you still held my hand & I wasn't "pool stored" again. For the last 14 years you've been my go to pool place. But sadly this spring we've become poolless. No Grandkids to swim & I am ready to try to go without. I have planted a garden in our empty spot. But I miss it already. Thank you to everyone here who helped back in the day. You saved me so much $$ & aggravation. No one believed I could have a sparkling pool with only household chemicals, but I did for 14 yrs& 2 pools . Thanks again, Kimrst


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Feb 5, 2018
Rogers, AR
Life seems to go in phases, perhaps you will find the next as enjoyable. We sold our 36 foot boat and bought a house with a pool. So far we enjoy the pool as much as the boat. Hope your transition goes as well as ours.