Total Alkalinity and Chlorine


Jul 10, 2019
I just received my Taylor K-2006 kit in the mail and was doing some water tests this afternoon. Before receiving the kit, I added alkalinity increaser and shocked the pool using some results from Leslie's (not optimal, but needed something as a basis before my test kit came in). When I received my kit, I performed a FC, CC and CYA test before moving on to the TA test, but my sample goes from green to clear and then does not turn red (even at an extremely high dose of the reagant, probably around 30 drops worth). My question is, is a high FC reading (21 ppm) causing an error in the TA test or is my TA really that high? Leslie's said that my TA was 70 so I added 5 LBs of Alkalinity Increaser. My pH was 7.2 prior to shocking the pool as I know those tests are unreliable at high chlorine levels.

Test Results:
FC - 21
CC - 1
pH - 7.2
TA - ?
CYA - 70
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